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Our Approach to Business


At Eagle Life, our objective is providing consumer-friendly products and exemplary customer service to broker dealer firms, banks and other financial institutions.  Eagle Life provides a unique product line and services tailored specifically for this marketplace.


Eagle Life is focused on creating long-term relationships and partnering with broker dealers.  We designed a program called Broker Dealer Direct.  Broker Dealer Direct offers annuity options with optimal product pricing, competitive commissions, enhanced services and the excellent fixed rates and caps on annuity products that broker dealer firms, representatives and retail clients are seeking.  We are striving to meet the needs of our audiences with this unique program.


Our parent company, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company®, came to life 20 years ago with a focus on People, Service and Future®. These core concepts serve as Eagle Life’s foundation as we continue to evolve and grow into the future.


In an industry built on trust and relationships, Eagle Life is committed to its People.  It is the people that make a company.  The character of our people is significant to our growth and is the core of our success.  We recruit, train and retain high-quality, talented, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals.  Eagle Life is committed to building strong, long-term relationships with our contract owners, broker dealers, representatives, banks and everyone with whom we do business.


At Eagle Life, we provide an exceptional level of Service that exceeds expectations.  We have a dedicated service team committed to helping you.  Expect phone calls to be answered within 90 seconds by a LIVE person.  We are committed to taking care of our contract owners and representatives.  We go the extra mile to earn your business and loyalty!


Eagle Life helps our contract owners protect, preserve and secure their assets for a financially stable Future.  We have developed innovative, competitive products that provide simplicity, flexibility and variety for our contract owners.  We build products and services that accommodate and meet clients’ financial needs.  We provide retirement solutions that offer stability, longevity and endurance now, as well as for many years to come.