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Enrollment Help

1. To get started, click the "Let's Get Started" link above and select the "Enroll Now" button located near the bottom of the login page (Note: add this website to your "Favorites" or "Bookmarks for easy access.")

2.  If your contract is owned by a trust or corporation, please remember to check the box when prompted indicating this important information.

3.  If you have completed all of the enrollment requirements and are getting an error, verify that all fields have been entered correctly and/or add a number or special character to your Login ID. If you are still experiencing enrollment errors, please call us at (866) 233-6660.

Log In Help

1. If you do not remember your Login ID or Password, click on the “Forgot Login ID or Password?” link.

2. Enter your email address you used to set up your online account. We’ll email you a link with further instructions to verify your identity. Please follow the instructions in the link to recover your Login ID and/or reset your password.