Eagle Life Insurance Company®

At Eagle Life Insurance Company®, we know retirement isn’t an ending — it’s a beginning. A time for you to live out the future you’ve envisioned. That’s why we help you build and achieve your retirement goals. 

We offer protection of principal, opportunities for growth and guaranteed income for life through fixed and fixed index annuities available through financial institutions and independent broker-dealers across the country. And we do it all by nurturing relationships and remaining dedicated to the people we serve. Eagle Life is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company®.

What’s an annuity, and why do we offer them?

Let’s start with the “why.” We offer annuities because they can help you make your retirement goals a reality. An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company that is purchased with a lump sum of money or through premium payments — typically with the end goal of receiving a future stream of income. 

The annuities we offer:

  • Can help protect your money from market volatility 
  • Can grow on a tax-deferred basis
  • May help you bridge the gap until your Social Security benefits kick in

Traditional fixed annuities

Our traditional fixed annuities protect your retirement funds by offering guaranteed growth at a fixed interest rate determined at the beginning of the contract. Get more details about our fixed annuities.

Fixed index annuities

Both traditional fixed annuities and fixed index annuities offer principal protection, tax-deferral, a level of liquidity and guaranteed income. And they may help you avoid probate. It’s the growth potential that makes a fixed index annuity different from a traditional fixed annuity.

A fixed index annuity's growth opportunities are index-linked, but the annuity itself isn’t tied to an index, so there are no exposure risks like you might experience with owning direct stocks or shares. A fixed index annuity can’t lose money due to index decreases, and the interest credited will never be less than zero. With a fixed index annuity, you can select from multiple crediting strategies that help you diversify your retirement dollars and potentially benefit from index increases — while your principal remains protected from market downturn. 

Some fixed index annuities have a Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR), which allows you to take guaranteed lifetime income from your annuity without losing control of your retirement assets. Through the LIBR, you can build up your retirement income over time, enhance benefit payments if a health event occurs and take advantage of flexible options for a surviving spouse.

See the advantages of our fixed index annuities.

Our commitment to you

You’re the reason we’re here, so we do our best to provide second-to-none service every day.

As an annuity provider, we’re committed to meeting high standards and going above and beyond in every facet of our business.

Our values of honesty, fairness and accountability are central to the company we are — we cross the finish line every time.

We help millions of Americans protect their hard-earned dollars — they can trust their principal is protected and their income is guaranteed for life.

Interested in a career with Eagle Life or American Equity?

Our companies have 800+ employees, with an average 5+ years of team member experience. We’re always looking for high-energy individuals ready to extend their reach and make a lasting impact on people by joining our innovative, inclusive team. Check out our career opportunities.

Want to partner with us?

For information about becoming a financial institution partner, please contact us at (866) 526-0995 or email info@eagle-lifeco.com.





Annuities involve fees and charges, and may vary by state. For complete details, please see product-specific sales brochure(s) and disclosure(s). 

Withdrawals are subject to ordinary income taxes. Surrender charges may apply to excess withdrawals that, in addition to LIB payment, exceed 10% annual free withdrawal available under the contract. You may be subject to a 10% federal penalty if you make withdrawals before age 59½. 

Possible interest credits for money allocated to an index-linked crediting strategy within a fixed index annuity (FIA) are based upon performance of the specific index; however, FIAs are not an investment, but an insurance product, and do not directly invest in the stock market or the index itself.

Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company. Eagle Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company®.

This material is for informational purposes only, and is not a recommendation to buy, sell, hold or rollover any asset.  It does not take into account the specific financial circumstances, investment objectives, risk tolerance, or need of any specific person.  In providing this information Eagle Life Insurance Company is not acting as your fiduciary as defined by the Department of Labor.  Eagle Life does not offer legal, investment or tax advice or make recommendations regarding insurance or investment products.  Please consult a qualified professional.

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