Soar Higher with Eagle Life Annuities

Each retirement is different, but basic retirement income needs are often universal. Annuities, particularly fixed annuities, offer a suite of benefits that work in concert to provide a sound foundation for however a client plans to enjoy their retirement.  

How do annuities work?

Annuities are an insurance product designed to ensure retirement income. In purchasing an annuity, the carrier guarantees certain protection benefits and interest-earning options that can help secure a lifelong retirement revenue stream. As an insurance product, all contracts are backed by the carrier so any money in the annuity (paid or interest earned) is not directly tied to any stocks or shares and is not at risk.  

Types of annuities

Just as retirement goals differ client-to-client, so do the retirement's tools available to retirees reach success. Eagle Life offers a line of fixed and fixed index annuities, each with varying strengths for different solutions. 

What is a fixed index annuity?        

A fixed indexed annuity is a contract between a client and Eagle Life where the potential interest earned is linked to an external index. It is an insurance product and is not directly tied to any stock or shares. Fixed index annuities will never lose value due to market index volatility.

What is a fixed annuity? 

A fixed annuity is a contract between a client and Eagle Life. It offers predictable interest growth with a competitive rate guaranteed for a specified number of years. That money is able to grow tax-deferred until an income payment is taken.



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