Eagle Guarantee Focus® Series

Stable-Money Options for Retirement

Your perfect vision of retirement is unique and will most likely be different from your friends, colleagues and family members. But, even though people’s retirement goals for their golden years may vary, there is a common thread among them – navigating market volatility.

The Eagle Guarantee Focus® Series joins our robust line of fixed annuity products designed for clients who are looking for stable-money options. With this fixed annuity product, you can receive the benefits of principal protection, tax-deferred growth, competitive fixed rates and a free withdrawal option.

You've worked hard to prepare for retirement and should have confidence in knowing your money is protected. The Eagle Guarantee Focus® fixed annuity offers you a stable-money option to help diversify your portfolio.

Annuity contract and rider issued under form series ICC20 E-BASE-SPDA, ICC20 E-SPDA-3, ICC20 E-SPDA-5, ICC20 E-R-EBR and state variations thereof. Availability may vary by state.