Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5

In today’s economic environment, it’s not unusual for annuity contract owners to consider ways they might add more potential growth to their retirement income efforts. Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5 Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) offers that potential with three index-linked crediting strategies that complement two fixed interest strategies.

An annuity for the times

Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5 offers the stability of a fixed interest rate strategy guaranteed for the term of the contract as well as crediting options that may offer more upside potential. This product can also be advantageous for clients who seek a gradual shift from conservative assets to opportunities that offer growth linked to market indexes.

The new Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5 offers the following benefits: 

  • Options that offer peace of mind with 100% principal protection along with the opportunity to outpace inflation while leveraging a competitive interest rate environment 
  • The opportunity to reallocate annually to gradually reintroduce potential index-linked growth
  • A step or transition option that addresses the desire for index-linked growth, but also manages the risk associated with the current economic environment 

At Eagle Life Insurance Company®, we offer annuities designed to help you meet your retirement challenges so you can live the retirement you envision. The Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5 Fixed Index Annuity is only the latest and among the most flexible of these annuities.

One innovative annuity. Five crediting strategies.

Combining the features of a fixed annuity and FIA, Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5 offers five crediting strategies that allow you to be conservative, aggressive or somewhere in between.

  • Fixed Rate for Term Strategy – This option guarantees a fixed rate for the strategy’s term of five years and can only be selected at issue. You can move money from the fixed rate-for-term strategy to an index-linked crediting option on each contract anniversary. 
  • Fixed Interest Rate Strategy – This may be an appropriate strategy if you prefer to see how interest rates perform more often. The interest rate resets annually on each contract anniversary.
  • S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point with Cap – This strategy caps the interest linked to gains in this index. Thus, if, for example, the cap is 6% and the index gains 8%, the annuity’s contract value is credited with 6%. If the gain is less than 6% but more than $0, the annuity is credited with that gain. You can’t lose principal, even if the index is negative.
  • S&P 500® Annual Point-to-Point with Performance Trigger – This strategy offers a set “triggered” rate credited to the contract value if index performance is flat to positive. If, for example, the triggered rate is 6%, any positive or flat index return would receive 6%. 
  • Invesco Dynamic Growth Index Annual Point-to-Point with Participation Rate – This option offers a percentage of positive index performance without any cap. Invesco Dynamic Growth Index seeks to adapt to changing markets using a rules-based process to allocate to positions expected to perform best in different market environments.

Care and Illness Benefits

The enhanced no-fee benefit rider is automatically included for owners 75 and under, offering a qualified nursing care and terminal illness benefit.

  • The qualified nursing care benefit permits a single free withdrawal of up to 100% of the contract value after the first contract year if the owner is confined to a qualified care facility for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Confinement must begin after the contract issue date and written proof is required from the qualified care facility and recommending physician. 
  • The terminal illness benefit, available after the first contract year, allows a free withdrawal of up to 100% of the contract value if the owner is diagnosed with a terminal illness. 
  • Diagnosis must take place after the contact is issued, and written proof with supporting documentation is required from a qualified physician 

Talk to Your Financial Professional

If you want the simplicity of a fixed annuity and potential growth while protecting your principal, talk to your financial professional to learn more about the Eagle Guaranteed Flex 5.

If you don’t have a financial professional, call 866-526-0995 and we will connect you with an advisor.

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Surrender charges may apply to excess withdrawals that exceed 10% annual free withdrawal available under the contract. Contract owners may be subject to a 10% federal penalty if withdrawals are made before age 59 1/2. 
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