Eagle Life's Customer Service Forms

Eagle Life is committed to excellent customer service and provides our clients and representatives easy access to preview, download, or email the necessary forms for your annuity contract needs. We thank you for your business.

Form Name View Download Email
Application for Settlement Option Benefit
Authorization to Release Information
Certification of Trust Agreement
Change of Beneficiary
Election of Withholding
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Form A-4P, Request for Arizona Income Tax Withholding
Form MI W-4P
Information Update Request
Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Election Form
Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Termination Form
Ownership Change
Partial Withdrawal Request
Pre-Authorized Payments (PAC)
Qualified Care Facility Verification Form
Qualified Charitable Distributions Form Instructions
Required Minimum Distribution Withdrawal Request
Roth Conversion
Systematic Withdrawal Request
Terminal Condition Verification
Transfer of Values Authorization Form