Eagle Select® Focus Series Businesses and Organizations

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Do you own or operate a business, charity or trust? The Eagle Select® Focus Series fixed index annuities (FIAs) can help you grow money for the future. With the advantages of principal protection and opportunities for growth through the annuity, you can prepare for the next phase of life.



Annuity contract and rider issued under form series ICC23 E-BASE-IDX, ICC23 E-IDX-C-7, ICC23 E-IDX-C-5, ICC21 E-E-PTP-C, ICC21 E-E-PTP-PR, ICC22 E-E-PTP-CL, ICC23 E-E-PTP-RL, ICC20 E-R-EBR, ICC17 E-R-MVA ICC21 E-R-ERR and state variations thereof. Availability may vary by state. For complete details, please see product-specific sales brochure(s) and disclosure(s).

This is not a comprehensive overview of all the relevant features and benefits of the Eagle Select® Focus 5 or Eagle Select® Focus 7 FIAs. Please read the sales brochure and disclosure for complete details and limitations.

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