Eagle Select® Income Focus Fixed Index Annuity

Does your retirement income strategy help address the cost of health care as you age? How about the effects of inflation and market volatility on your assets? These and other factors can make retirement financially challenging.

At Eagle Life Insurance Company®, we offer annuities designed to help you meet these challenges so you can live the retirement you envision. The Eagle Select® Income Focus Fixed Index Annuity (FIA) with the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR) is one of those annuities.

What’s an FIA with a Lifetime Income Benefit Rider?

A fixed index annuity through an insurance company like Eagle Life offers:

  •  Tax-deferred, index-linked growth potential
  • Principal protection
  • A lifetime income benefit rider that provides guaranteed lifetime income payments for a single life (the annuity owner) or joint lives (owner and spouse) 

Why Does Eagle Select Income Focus with Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Stand Out?

You can choose when to begin payments during any stage of retirement. Choose from two, highly competitive LIBR payment options with two accumulation periods, for a 1% annual fee, designed for when income payments are expected to begin.1^Rider fee is calculated based on the income account value and deducted from the contract value on each contract anniversary as long as the rider is attached to the contract.  Provisions of the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider, such as Income Account Value Accumulation Rates may change prior to issue.  Income Account Value is only used to calculate Lifetime Income. It is not part of the underlying Contract Value, or available in a lump sum

  • Income Sooner – Earn a 14% daily roll-up rate with Option 1 until payments begin or the five-year accumulation period ends. This could be a good option for optimizing income when it’s needed in Years 2 through 5.2^Assuming no withdrawals, the Income Account Value of Option 1 is greater than Option 2 until 5 years and 10 months, after which Option 2’s IAV is greater.
  • Income Later – A 12% daily roll-up with Option 2, optimizing rates for those not expecting to begin payments for six to 10 years (although they may begin in Year 2).3^The roll-up rate is applied to your contract’s Income Account Value (IAV), which is your premiums paid plus interest. These roll-up rates end when income payments begin or the accumulation period (5 or 10 years) ends, whichever comes first. The amount of income available depends on multiple factors, including how long the IAV grows, age when payments begin and the frequency of payments.

Compare Our Annuity Features

Highly competitive rates aren’t the only thing setting Eagle Select® Income Focus FIA with LIBR apart. We offer:

  • Daily Interest Rate Crediting. This makes the LIBR Income Account Value (IAV), which determines
    income payments, grow faster than if credited annually, as annuity providers typically do.
  • Flexible Features for a Surviving Spouse. Like most FIAs, Income Focus gives a surviving spouse (as the sole beneficiary aged 50 and older) the choice of a lump sum benefit or continuing regular payments.  Unlike most annuities, Income Focus gives the surviving spouse the option to continue the benefit with the surviving spouse’s age determining future income payments – even if the annuity had single ownership.
  • Our Wellbeing Benefit.4^To activate the Wellbeing Benefit attached to the Eagle Select® Income Focus FIA, you must be unable to perform two of six (or seven in CA) activities of daily living (ADLs). You may receive payments that are as much as double your original income payments (single contract owners) or up to 150% (for joint owners) for up to five years. A two-year waiting period from when the contract begins applies. In the event of a health care event, this feature of our LIBR increases payments up to 200% for up to five years without requiring confinement. After this period, regular payments remain unaffected.

Talk to Your Financial Professional

If you want index-linked, tax-deferred growth combined with principal protection and income you can’t outlive, talk to your financial professional to learn more about the Eagle Select® Income Focus FIA with the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR).

If you don’t have a financial professional, call our sales desk number at 844-233-9100 and we will link you up with an advisor.



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