Eagle Select® Income Focus 

Preparing for Retirement with a Focus on Income 

Your retirement should be focused on enjoying your golden years, not the consistent worry of having financial stability. Whether it’s traveling, moving closer to family or providing care for a loved one, your income needs should be fully met. Fixed index annuities can help provide that financial stability.

The Eagle Select® Income Focus joins our robust line of safe money alternatives designed for clients who desire safety of principal, growth potential and an income stream that cannot be outlived. With the product’s Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Option, you can receive an income stream and be able to enhance your income payments for no additional cost. 1^ The Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (LIBR) with Wellbeing Benefit can only be activated one time and after a 2 year waiting period for a maximum of five years. Depending on the LIBR chosen, an annual rider fee may be deducted from the contract value as long as the rider is attached to the contract. See brochure and disclosure for details. Wellbeing benefit not available in CA or DE.

Each person’s retirement goals are unique, and the Eagle Select® Income Focus offers many innovative features and options to help suit your individual needs. 



Annuity contract and riders issued under form series ICC18 E-BASE-IDX, ICC18 E-IDX-C-7, ICC21 E-R-LIBR-W-FSP and state variations thereof. Availability may vary by state.